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Strict liability holds a manufacturer accountable for any unexpected harm that results from the use of a product according to manufacturer instructions.

If a drug, medical device or other product is used the way it is marketed and intended, the manufacturer is held responsible under strict liability rules for any resulting injuries regardless of negligence.

You simply must show the injuries sustained were caused by the product. You may also prove that:

  • The manufacturer was negligent (unreasonably careless)
  • There were defects in the design
  • The manufacturer failed to warn you about risks
  • The manufacturer breached an implied warranty on the product.

Because there are many different legal arguments to make in product liability cases, it is advisable to get advice from an attorney with experience in defective product cases in the Chicago area. Our page on Product Liability[8] also provides additional information on cases against manufacturers for dangerous products.

What can I expect if I make a product liability claim?

If you make a product liability claim, the case may be resolved through litigation or through settlement. You may have the opportunity for your case to become a part of a class action or multi-district litigation, which can have a significant impact on how your case progresses.

Because products are used by hundreds or thousands of people, many people experience similar injuries when a product turns out to be defective. As a result, hundreds or even thousands of cases are typically filed against the manufacturer. These cases can be consolidated into multi-district litigation, which means all cases remain separate but are assigned to one federal court judge who can then make decisions that impact all the claims.

Cases can also be resolved through a class action. This means all of the plaintiff’s claims are joined together in one big case.

If you become part of a class action, you will lose a great deal of control over your case, while a multi-district litigation allows more autonomy for plaintiffs while still ensuring the cases are resolved as expediently as possible.

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