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Should you or a loved one need legal assistance due to injuries from a defective product, contact us[4] for a free, no-obligation, and confidential consultation. We handle cases nationally with offices located in Illinois and Wisconsin.

To learn more about potential dangerous child products please see our Child Safety & Products Liability[5] page.

Product Liability FAQs

What are my rights as a consumer, and what obligations do product manufacturers have to me?

Product manufacturers have an obligation to ensure any product they produce is reasonably safe. Consumers have a right to file a lawsuit if a product turns out to be dangerous.

Manufacturers must design and manufacture their products to be safe and should test their products to identify any risks consumers need to be warned about.

Under Illinois law, manufacturers are held strictly liable for injuries resulting from defective products when the product is used as intended.

When you pursue a product liability claim, you have the right to be fully compensated for all harm the defective product caused. This includes economic and non-economic damages experienced due to injuries caused by the defective product. If the product defects resulted in a death, you have the legal right to wrongful death compensation for the loss of your family member.

To learn more, visit our page on Product Liability[6].

What if I get hurt because of a dangerous product?

If you get hurt because of a dangerous product, you can file a personal injury lawsuit to obtain compensation for all of your losses. You have a limited period of time in which to file your claim and must prove the elements of a defective product case.

Under Illinois law, you generally have two years to make a claim for compensation based on injuries caused by a defective product. There are some exceptions. For instance, when a dangerous product exposes you to harmful substances but does not cause immediate injury, you are allowed to bring a claim within two years of the time you become aware of the damage. However, in no case can you bring a claim more than eight years from the time the injury occurred.

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